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Want to control the ambiance of your own party without the DJ?

 Maybe you have your own playlist of music already on your phone and all you need is the perfect set of speakers, a couple of microphones for speeches and announcements and some dance lighting. 

Maybe you need it all but don't want the extra guest at your party controlling the vibe. 

Whatever the reason, we've got your back. We know how to party so we've created some pretty awesome packages for a variety of party settings. 

Check out our options below!

(all packages include professional grade speakers)


$100 per speaker (1000watts)


$50 for 2

Full Dance Party Package 1 - $225 (for smaller parties)

1 Speaker, 2 Mics, 1 Dance Floor Light, 1 ceiling laser light

Full Dance Party Package 2 - $350 ($410 Value) - (for larger room settings)

2 Speakers (2000 watts total), 2 Mics, 2 Dance Floor LIghts, 2 ceiling laser lights